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What I Give Away Never Leaves

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

You cannot feel lack when you give everyday to the poor.

You cannot feel alone when you truly seek to meet people's needs.

You cannot feel unworthy when you show others how precious they are.

You cannot feel ugly when you truly see how beautiful all people are.

You cannot feel you don't matter when you see that everyone truly matters.

You cannot feel unloved when you love others. Love is something you do.

- Dragos Bratasanu

In other words, if you find yourself feeling unhappy, try making someone else happy and see what happens. If you’re feeling empty and unfulfilled, try doing some meaningful and worthwhile and see how you feel.

I have found that when I'm focused on giving to others, I'm less likely to become consumed by my own problems and challenges. Giving creates an opportunity to look beyond our own world and see the bigger picture. It draws me out of my self-consumed world into the experience of others. It is a beautiful distraction from ourselves, and the joy of living becomes a reality.

What you do for others reciprocates back to you. The most satisfying life is not one full of things, but filled with the rewards of helping others. What I give away in my present doesn't leave my life, but goes into my future and creates a harvest. A reaping for more to give away.

You are never to poor to give, and you are never to rich to care. You may ask me "how can you say that!?"

Do you remember Mother Teresa?

When Mother Teresa died, she was loved and well known all over the world. But who would have ever thought she would have gained such influence when she first began? What did she have to begin with? She was a small woman, who started out with almost nothing. Mother Teresa told her superiors, “I have three pennies and a dream from God to build an orphanage.” “Mother Teresa,” her superiors said, “you can’t build an orphanage with three pennies; with three pennies you can’t do anything.” “I know,” she said, smiling, “but with God and three pennies I can do anything.”

Don't let anyone or anything hold you back from a making a difference in this world! Please indulge me (to encourage you) to share a few things in my own life that people said couldn't be done.

I was told I was too young, inexperienced, and the location would never thrive for a church to succeed when I started as a founder and pastor. Two building programs and 21 years later it's a spiritual organism still on the move.

My brother and I started an organization in West Africa for spiritual leadership in 2002. People said it couldn't be done and would never have an impact. It started with 12 members and grew to over 500 spiritual leaders from 7 nations in 8 years.

People thought it was a crazy idea to start a television program with - yes here it comes - no money and little knowledge of the industry. We went on television for 9 years and never was in the red!

Along with three other wonderful colleagues we started an organization called The United States Global Leadership Council. We started as the proverbial nobody's and few thought it would ever succeed. After a few short years we have met and work with presidents, ministers of finance, mining, foreign affairs, and the list of government offices here and abroad become endless.

My point is not bragging on me or my colleagues, we certainly give thanks to God for every opportunity. I merely listed these to encourage you, that its not the amount you have, but the willingness to start.

We at Leading Nations want to sow into our future by giving today. Check out the projects and see where your gift can be used to benefit and enhance someone's life.

Thank You

Dr. Reuben Egolf


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