Leading Nations is an NGO that inspires people to achieve the impossible and recognize that economic stability can be a reality. Our projects consist of immediate relief with a focus towards creating an economic engine of sustainability. 


The Board of Leading Nations is committed to the betterment of lives and improving life everywhere a need is encountered. 


Maintaining integrity at all costs, and making transparency a priority, are the ingredients of focus for this organization. 

Current Projects


Financing a targeted local organization in the nation of Burundi. Visit our Project Page for more information. 


We are collaborating with the local to community to build an orphanage, school and even a textile.

The Kurdistan Medical City will consist of four components: 1) A General Hospital; 2) Five Commercial Buildings; 3) Six Specialized Hospitals; and 4) A Medical School. 

United States



Vanessa was diagnosed with Juvenile ALS several years ago. The purpose of this project is to create a safe and more accessible environment for her to live in.