Leading Nations is an NGO that inspires people to achieve the impossible and recognize that economic stability can be a reality. Our projects consist of immediate relief with a focus towards creating an economic engine of sustainability. 


The Board of Leading Nations is committed to the betterment of lives and improving life everywhere a need is encountered. 


Maintaining integrity at all costs, and making transparency a priority, are the ingredients of focus for this organization. 



Leading Nations Inc has built a bridge between Texas A&M and the Borlaug Institute (Agriculture arm of Texas A&M) with the Ministry of Agriculture of Burundi. We are working in developing the following with Dr. Deo-Guide RUREMA the Minister of Agriculture in improving the food production and health for all. 



The Gambia

Leading Nations Inc is working closely with Gambia in solving their drainage issues that have caused displacement and death seasonally for 35 years. We are currently working with Thornton Tomassetti, a leading engineering firm who specializes in such solutions. Leading Nations has the full support of the Vice President’s office which oversees their National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA). The NDMA and Leading Nations are changing the future by redesigning in the present a more effective drainage system. Read More >>



The American Kurdistan Life Center will consist of four(4) components:

  • A General Hospital

  • Five(5) Commercial Buildings

  • Six (6) Specialized Hospitals

  • A Medical School

The AKLC will be designed and constructed in four consecutive phases as a high end medical complex primarily serving the populations of Kurdistan and Iraq. Investors will reap their returns from a. the operations of the entire complex and or b. the sale of individual components of the complex.