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Our Current Projects


Financing local entrepreneurs to effect the country of Burundi from the local community level. 



The Gambia


United States

Vanessa was diagnosed with Juvenile ALS several years ago. The purpose of this project is to create a safe and more accessible environment for her to live in.

The Gambia

Clean Water System 

Leading Nations Inc is working closely with The Gambia concerning the lack of clean water that has plagued the nation for many years. Leading Nations has the full support of the Vice President’s office which oversees their National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA). The NDMA and Leading Nations are changing the future by redesigning in the present a more effective clean water system to key areas across the nation. Please see

São Tomé and Príncipe


Leading Nations Inc has built a bridge between Praxis Africa and the Ministry of Agriculture of STP.


The agricultural sector in STP is small. However, the economy is mostly based on agriculture, with cocoa production accounting for about 57% of the total exports in 2020. The country also exports palm oil, chocolate,
pepper, coconut oil, and coffee. Two companies are exporting chocolate to international markets, including the United States. Tropical 
products such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, peppers, and trees.


Most of STP’s farming opportunities are untapped. There is no precedent for mass production, but gourmet and high-market value produce thrive in STP.


The emerging cooperatives for organic cocoa have the potential to expand production, to increase the incomes of a significant number of Sao Tomean farmers, and to improve the country’s economy.


Products such as organic coffee and cocoa command a premium because of their high quality. In addition, several local products such as jackfruit, guava, pineapple, bananas, breadfruit, cocoyam, cassava can be processed locally to serve a niche market.

Sierra Leone

Hospital and Health Clinic

Leading Nations Inc has partnered with American Intercontinental Healthcare Group to provide an International Standard Hospital in the capital of Freetown and also providing a 13 bed Hospital in the Kono District. 



The American Kurdistan Life Center will consist of four(4) components:

  • A General Hospital

  • Five(5) Commercial Buildings

  • Six (6) Specialized Hospitals

  • A Medical School

The AKLC will be designed and constructed in four consecutive phases as a high end medical complex primarily serving the populations of Kurdistan and Iraq. Investors will reap their returns from a. the operations of the entire complex and or b. the sale of individual components of the complex.

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