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Financing local entrepreneurs to effect the country of Burundi from the local community level. 



The Gambia


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Vanessa was diagnosed with Juvenile ALS several years ago. The purpose of this project is to create a safe and more accessible environment for her to live in.

Multiple Projects


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The Gambia

Multiple Projects

After our visit with The Gambian Government we were asked to help the country in three projects. A full detailed plan can be obtained by reaching out one of our team members. 

1. Improving Sanitation

2. Provide a mobile hospital unit that can expand to multiple locations with proper funding

3. Work alongside in implementing the Community Initiative Fund for population and productive health.



Initial project is the creation of Smart Farm Center pilot program in the provinces of Kayanza in Burundi in Year 1, with expansion to the Ngozi project slated for Years 2-5. Smart Farm Centers deliver bundled services to small farmers related to mechanization, improved inputs and input practices, irrigation, post-harvest handling, storage, processing, and marketing. Successful mechanization programs will be linked to adequate information systems about proposed operational areas (soil conditions, landscape, climate, major crops, farming style, market accessibility, etc.). Consequently, smart farming approaches, linking mechanization to agronomic information systems, capable and trusted management, and good business practices will move smallholder farmers in Kayanza and Ngozi toward greater production, autonomy, and economic growth.



The Kurdistan Medical City will consist of four components: 1) A General Hospital; 2) Five Commercial Buildings; 3) Six Specialized Hospitals; and 4) A Medical Center

A full detailed plan is available upon request.